Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What the Holy Ghost taught me about Motherhood.

Tonight after reading my scriptures, I felt like I should read some of my spiritual experiences from the past.  After reading about one, I felt very strongly that I should share it.  Maybe it is more because I need this reminder myself and my important role of mother (especially in the summer time when life is crazy with balls flying at my head and an abundance of chaos).  

“July 2012

A couple weeks before Spencer’s baptism, I went to the San Diego LDS temple.  I was ready for the 7:30 session, but kept having a prompting to wait for the next session.  I kept shrugging it off.  But the thoughts kept coming.  So I sat down and prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help me know if these thoughts really were from Him or if they were just my random weirdness.  The spirit confirmed that they were from Him and that I would understand why I needed to go to the 8:00 session once I saw.  

So when the officiator told us that it was time to go into the 7:30 session, I got up and walked with everyone else, but sheepishly told him that I was going to go to the 8:00 session.  I thought he was going to think I was weird and was worried what he would think.  However,  he was very kind and told me to go ahead into the other chapel to wait.  

I walked into the chapel, to the center seats and looked up at a painting of a 12 year old Jesus teaching at the temple.  I sat down very slowly because I was completely struck that this was why the Lord wanted me to wait for the 8:00 session.  As I looked at that painting I saw my boys in the place of Jesus Christ.  I kept thinking I needed to read the scriptures and the thoughts were just “No, let Me teach you.”  I sat by myself in that room for about 15 minutes staring at the painting, listening to the Spirit help me understand more fully my GREAT responsibility to teach my children the gospel.  The Spirit impressed upon my mind so deeply that these children of mine are going to grow up and step by step need guidance to keep their priesthood duties.  Baptism is the first step, but then there is getting the priesthood, being a home teacher, serving a mission, being a husband and father, etc.  It was very clear that I needed to stop thinking of them as the rough and tough little boys that leave muddy finger prints all over my newly washed windows, but as the strong, fearless Priesthood leaders that God sees them becoming.  It was all about what their potential is…to be like Jesus Christ in that painting and it starts right now with how we treat and teach them.  Stuart and I must help them reach their potential by doing the small things today.

After being alone for 15 minutes, the same officiator came in and put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Aren’t you glad you waited!”  Yes I was!” 

A young Jesus sitting in the temple, talking to the elders, who are gathered around listening and talking among themselves.

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